"Having a safe space to imagine and dream and (re)invent yourself is the first step to being happy and successful, whatever road you choose to pursue" - Ashley Bryan

Amanda is fantastic at putting people at ease, asking open questions and generating discussion in a non judgemental environment. Amanda was pivotal in helping me to decide to pursue my artistic outputs. At the time I was seeking coaching around changing my job, little did I realise that through our discussions, Amanda was deftly able to tease out the truth - simply that I needed to pursue doing what I love!


Amanda brings a calming influence to any situation, especially a difficult emotional one. She talks from the heart and always has my thoughts and feelings considered and understood, even at times when I did not understand myself. Amanda gives so much and really believes in you. She is trustworthy, confidential and has an amazing sense of humour!

A. H.

I trust Amanda to give me sound advice on a myriad of subjects from mindfulness to my career. Amanda listens and never judges. She is a positive, kind and caring person. Amanda is honestly interested in everything and enthusiastic that I feel safe telling her just about anything.

Ellen Mellor