Living in the pit of anxiety

I know about anxiety. I know how it feels to wake up every morning feeling with a knot of fear in your stomach and a racing heart beat. I know the exhausting battle to just carry out basic daily tasks and routines. I know how illogical and ridiculous it feels to burst into tears for no apparent reason. I know how it feels to desperately want to “get over it” and become your true self again. The depths of anxiety can he like continually trying to climb out of a dark and lonely pit, but the more you try, the more exhausted and disheartened you become.

Stop. Rest. Recover. Give yourself permission to just BE. Patiently accept where you are and know that it will not be forever. Let time heal you until you regain sufficient strength to climb out of that pit yourself. I know its not a comfortable place to be, but the first step is to accept where you are and just sit there a while. Ground yourself in the here and now.

Just BE. BE forgiving to yourself. BE kind and gentle with yourself. BE restful BE patient BE hopeful.